Voluntary, Education & Public Sector

Lincolnshire Film and Digital Media is lead by Phillip Lofas who has over twenty years experience of working in these three sectors. Phillip is also a qualified Therapist which makes him ideal for any film work that requires tact and sensitivity.

Voluntary Sector

Times are tight. Money is tight but arguably, promoting your services has never been as important, to ensure maximum use of your services and to secure future funding. LFDM will work in partnership with you to help you obtain the most for your money. We will work through the whole process, looking at what would suite your needs the best and ensuring a smooth production giving you the right film at the right price.


Over the past decade Phillip Lofas has gained a reputation in delivering award winning projects for young people in Schools and Youth Centres across the region. His work has been highly praised by Ofsted.

LFDM can work with a wide range of students on a wide range of media projects including Media Studies. If you are thinking of developing your media work with students and young people – LFDM is the place to start.

Health Sector

With over 20 years working alongside the Health Sector, Phillip can offer unrivaled benefits in any type of media production in this field. With over 40 films produced for the NHS, ranging from Health Promotion, training, client involvement – LFDM will ensure that you end up with the very best product to match your need. As a qualified Therapist even the most sensitive issues can be addressed safely and with the utmost professionalism.

Phillip’s commitment to public sector and the third sectors ongoing success means that he will offer the best competitive rates working around your budget and means.